We are hiring!

Join us making Evolvex the number  #1 online furniture store in Australia. We don’t just measure being #1 in financial numbers, we measure it in customer wow, happy workforce, buzz in the marketplace, and overall product awesomeness.  

Our big 10 values are

  1. We don’t wear suits.
  2. We strive to delight our customers
  3. We enjoy coming work
  4. We smile a lot
  5. We care about our team as much as we do our customers.
  6. We take a ninja approach to work – agile and ready for swift action
  7. We strive for work life balance
  8. We’re leaders and innovators at the core, always find new and brilliant ways that will change the game
  9. We learn from others
  10. We leave politics to the politicians

Don't see anything? Talk to us anyway!

While the positions above are available, we will always consider outstanding individuals with the talent, ideas and passion to make a significant contribution to our team email us.

We’re based in Punchbowl, NSW with easy access to the M5 motorway and a 20 minute walk to Punchbowl station.

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