Evolvex by Luxmy Customer Care

The Evolvex by Luxmy Furniture range has the Luxmy Furniture stamp of quality. As a part of our continued service we would like to offer the following warranty and care instructions to ensure you are provided with the best possible protection for your furniture.

Our aim is to ensure your furniture stays looking great into the future, and, in the unlikely event a problem may arise, it will be dealt with appropriately and with minimum inconvenience to you.


We will guarantee our products for 365 DAYS after purchase, subject at all times to our Terms and Conditions of Trade (as amended and applicable from time to time) ["Terms and Conditions"], Evolvex by Luxmy offers a one (1) year warranty on goods which have been paid for subject to the following terms [ the Evolvex by Luxmy Warranty"]:

The Evolvex by Luxmy Warranty covers any manufacturing defects, except for any exclusions referred to below.

The Evolvex by Luxmy Warranty does not cover products which have been damaged in transit, misused and/or exposed to extreme conditions (including prolonged exposure to direct sunlight). Furniture exposed to excess wear and tear is not included in the warranty, scratches, burns and/or breakage of glass; damage caused by inappropriate use of cleaning products are also not included.

Damage to third party property; any removal and/or installation expenses associated with any claim; and transport or freight expenses associated with any claim are not included.

Claims must be made by contacting us in writing by email (contactus@evolvex.com) to be taken through the process. We reserve the right to investigate all claims in order to assess the nature and cause of any manufacturing fault. We will replace defect product or arrange for repair should it fall under warranty.

Please read our terms and conditions carefully as they form a part of this warranty.


We advise the use of a water based cleaning agent. Some popular cleaning products contain silicone or ammonia; these products are best avoided as they can soften the coating giving it a cloudy appearance over time.


The Evolvex by Luxmy components have a melamine surface, and although it is hardwearing. we do not recommend sitting the item outside, or in direct sunlight.


Avoid placing boiling hot dishes or coffee cups on our furniture. Hot plates and cups can burn surfaces and coffee and tea can discolour.

We advise that you use heat resistant place matts or coasters. We also advise that coasters and decorator items are periodically moved to avoid shadows.

The furniture should not be positioned over heating vents, in front of gas, oil heaters, open fire places or next to hot electrical appliances such as dryers, kettles or washing machines.


The board we use for Evolvex by Luxmy parts is fine for tropical climates and is hardwearing enough to take the occasional spill, however excessive moisture left over time may cause damage to the board. If you have a household problem of ‘rising damp’ this may also affect your furniture.


Please take care when moving all furniture and avoid any scraping or knocking against walls, floors or fixtures. We suggest that you never move furniture alone and bend the knees. It is always advised to lift furniture as close to the corners as possible.

Thank you

We would like to thank you for choosing our furniture. With over 14 years experience in furniture manufacturing and we have made it our purpose to provide you with quality furniture and timeless design that will last. If you have any further queries regarding the care of your furniture please refer to our helpdesk.

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