How we make your furniture eco-friendly

People are always amazed we manufacture the Evolvex range in Australia. While the cost of labour in Australia is expensive compared to our friends in Asia, we use innovative robotic methods of manufacturing to keep our costs down, and our quality is impossible to beat as we use the best materials available. We cut out the middle man by going direct to consumer and pass on the savings from not having giant physical showrooms.

Being an online retailer, it's tricky for us to demonstrate the quality of our products in person, however there are a few key things we do that makes us different.  We hope this assists you and if you have any questions please do get in touch for a further discussion. 

1. Certified Environmental Management System

The Luxmy Furniture factory, (where the Evolvex products are made) is certified under a ISO 14001 scheme, which means we keep a close watch on things like wastage, electricity and water usage, noise levels, defect rate, machine downtime, OH&S and client satisfaction with the aim to achieve an improvement year on year. This is monitored by a third party who verifies that our claims are valid as ISO 14001 certification is not handed out to just anyone. It's cheaper and easier for a manufacturer to not spend resources monitoring themselves and their impact on the environment, however it's really important to us as we believe in ethical manufacturing. ISO 14001 captures quality assurance as any returned product is classed as a waste of resources and materials.

2. High quality environmentally friendly material sourced from a reputable supplier

We use commercial and kitchen grade board from Laminex which contains low VOC content - graded as 'E0'. The level of Formaldehyde in reconstituted board is what influences the 'E' rating. Formaldehyde is used as the adhesive in board and increases the risk of cancer. The levels present in furniture are not regulated in Australia and imported board can be rated up to E4 which is really toxic. Australian made board used to be E1 but 5 years ago thanks to the Green Star program and forward thinking companies who went 'green', the commercial furniture industry started making the move to E0 board. This has not yet impacted the consumer furniture industry in such a big way as so much of the furniture available is imported! We really want to change this as it is very important consumers are aware of the health risks of poorly manufactured furniture.

3. We use only certified material which guarentees no illegal wood has entered our supply chain 

The Australian Forestry Standard (AFS/PEFC) and Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody Certificates are the 2 qualifications a responsible manufacturer will have as it confirms that no illegal wood has entered the supply chain, and that production can be traced to a sustainable source. Again they are audited by third parties and are both internationally recognised. The Evolvex by Luxmy range is made from AFS certified board and we can provide certificates to prove this to anyone who is interested. 

4. Our edging is made from recyclable plastic

We use ABS edging around all our panels. This is a hardwearing and environmentally friendly material as it is both recyclable and BPA free. Imported furniture often has PVC edging which leeches chemicals like Phthalate or Melamine edging which is not nearly as strong as ABS.  

5. Quality workmanship and solid construction

We are experts in manufacturing and pride ourselves on quality workmanship. In bookcases and cabinets particularly you'll see the backing board provided is 3-5mm thick. This means it relies on the wall for structural support and often you'll the shelving on poor constructed bookcases sags over time as it doesnt have the adequate structural support. Our backs are 16mm thick which means all our storage units can be freestanding. 

Another thing to check is the actual board being used as sometimes if you knock against poorly manufactured items they'll give a 'hollow' feel. This means that it is really two pieces of melamine with cardboard or for all we know dust in between. This is not good for you as in the long run you'll need to keep buying more furniture as badly made furniture is not easily repaired.

6. Cradle to Cradle takeback scheme

In a process titled ‘cradle to cradle’ we promise that we will take our product back when you are done with it. We do not want to see our product end up as landfill and will recycle product we receive.

7. We designed an 'evolving' system of furniture that can adapt to your lifestyle

Nobody’s furniture needs are static. As you accumulate more stuff or you downsize your lifestyle you will find your needs change. Our furniture has been designed to accommodate that change so instead of throwing your furniture away, all you need to do is shift a few pieces, maybe even buy a few more, and voila a brand new piece of furniture.

8. No physical storefront means low carbon footprint!

We made a deliberate choice to not have a permanent physical showroom or store to showcase our range as we don’t want to increase our carbon footprint more than necessary. Furniture stores require a lot of space, energy usage, and money. It also isn’t possible to display everything in our range as there are so many combinations possible that the space required would be quite considerable. Not only can we reach a national market this way but we can pass on the savings to the lovely customers who buy from us.

9. We make efficient use of the space we do use

The large number of combinations we can deliver comes from a limited range of parts, and since we make to order using a 'just in time system', we can manage our warehousing very efficiently as everything is picked and packed as per the exact parts list ordered. This method of ‘mass customised’ manufacturing reduces the impact of our carbon footprint further which we’re happy with as we can pass on the extra savings to our customers.