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office space September 10, 2012

My office currently consists of me surrounded by paper on the lounge and my laptop competing with my dog for lap space. If like myself, your office space leaves a bit to be desired then check out these gorgeous, organised … Continue reading


hush September 8, 2012

Ever want to just curl up in a little cocoon? Introducing the Hush Sleeping Chair. This 100% wool felt chair has been created by designer Freyja Sewell and allows people to rest, sleep and hide away from the world. It … Continue reading


gables August 28, 2012

Whenever I return from Europe I can’t help but mourn the absence of pitched roofs and exposed wooden beams, a trend rarely embraced in Australia. This gorgeous house has been recently renovated with the addition of two black gable framed … Continue reading


Living compact January 23, 2012

With the population increasing it is only natural that Australia has started to embrace apartment living. With new apartment buildings focusing on the trend of quantity of apartments rather than space, our living areas are likely to become a little … Continue reading