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dip dyed September 9, 2012

Spied at Frankie these dip dyed branches are a novel way to brighten up a room without the depressing and inevitable wilting that comes with flowers. These pink and brown wooden branches started out life as beautiful trees before a … Continue reading


connect the dots August 30, 2012

Ever feel like you might be going a little dotty? Well, it may not be your imagination. Polka dots are popping up everywhere on clothes, shoes, wallpaper, linen and crockery. Dots definitely make a statement and some call the pattern … Continue reading


pantone August 29, 2012

Pantone has just released their latest colour generator mobile app, myPantone. Now you can use your smartphone device to creates colour palettes for inspiration that can then be stored in portable colour memory. With the ability to capture over 13,000 colours within … Continue reading


queenslander August 28, 2012

Introducing the character filled and quirky Brisbane home of Caro Toledo, Adam Lester and family. This amazing space is a wonderful combination of textures, fabrics and colours that are eclectic without sacrificing harmony and style. These two artists have sourced … Continue reading


some fads don’t fade August 27, 2012

If there was ever a colour you would have trouble fading in the wash, it is neon. Easily one of the more popular fads at the moment neon is in manic mania mode. This unlikely but nonetheless exceedingly hardy trend … Continue reading


coral is the new black

Coral is the new black. World wide interior design spies have been calling it and now it looks like the trend has hit our shores (get it?). Bad jokes aside, coral suggests a hint of retro and is a beautiful … Continue reading


neon May 28, 2012

In the 1980′s there was nothing more futuristic than neon. Well, the future is now and while flying cars and robot butlers have yet to eventuate, neon has moved past burger joint advertising and ‘no vacancy’ signs. Whether your style is … Continue reading


let’s get personal May 8, 2012

Have you ever wandered through a furniture store and thought “This stuff is nice but none of it is me”? Well consider thinking outside the box! With a little creativity it is possible to add some personal touches to create … Continue reading


Living compact January 23, 2012

With the population increasing it is only natural that Australia has started to embrace apartment living. With new apartment buildings focusing on the trend of quantity of apartments rather than space, our living areas are likely to become a little … Continue reading


Juicy Interiors December 1, 2011

Citrus is trending in interiors right now and it is time to take the opportunity to brighten up your home for summer. There are a variety of tones in the citrus colour palette but the three main colours are yellow, … Continue reading