Evolvex considers the environment to be one of our best friends. This means we only use certified high quality environmentally friendly material sourced from a reputable supplier. We have implemented a certified environmental management system that is monitored by a third party and have a cradle to cradle take back system. We do this because while we think footprints in the sand are pretty, we want to keep our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum.

You can read more about how we make our eco friendly furniture here.

Check out how Israeli designer, Meirav Barzilay, is introducing photosynthesis lighting into eco conscious homes.

“A lamp made of a metal grid with a vine at its base, bringing light and nature into your home. Choose the type of vine and let it create a natural lampshade as it grows. It is necessary to use an energy saving light bulb, which will not only help your plant grow, but will also provide eco-friendly light.”

[images and quote- Meirav Barzilay]

- Juliette