Citrus is trending in interiors right now and it is time to take the opportunity to brighten up your home for summer. There are a variety of tones in the citrus colour palette but the three main colours are yellow, orange and green (conveniently all available in the Evolvex Designer!).

When designing a room you need to not only find a room comfortable or beautiful. You need to be happy with how the room makes you feel while you are in the space.

For example:

Yellow (warm)- energy, freshness, joy

Orange (warm)- endurance, creativity, vitality

Green (cool)- hope, nature, harmony

Citrus colours are complementary and can be used on their own or in more bold, colour blocking design. They are versatile colours that mix well with exposed wood, white, black, browns and for the brave, blues and pinks. Just a small injection of these deliciously fruity colours, such as on the doors of a cabinet or shelving in a bookcase, can add a refreshing, lively energy to a room. Here is some juicy inspiration to help you get designing.

(Images via we heart it/Belle Maison/Elle China)