I’m a bit of a music nut and worked in the recorded music industry or 3 years (mostly at EMI) which really amplified my collection of great tunes as you are surrounded by fellow music fans who recommend heaps of amazing artists.

Like many people, I tend to create playlists to suit particular functions – songs to study to, songs to workout to, road trip songs, indie love songs, songs I’ll never admit to liking but secretly love, and so on. This got me thinking about what type of music could be appropriate to listen to while designing furniture.

Completely biased but I think slowish electronic/pop music is the key to the state of mind needed for good design. It relaxes you but keeps you alert at the same time.

Here is a youtube playlist of songs I’ve just been listening to lately. I call this ‘songs to design furniture to’ – title may change but premise will remain.


  1. Gold Panda – You
  2. Flume – Possum
  3. Gorillaz feat Little Dragon – Empire Ants
  4. SBTRKT feat Little Dragon – Wildfire
  5. The XX – Teardrops
  6. Florence and the Machine (XX Remix) – You’ve Got The Love
  7. Empire of the Sun – Without You
  8. The XX – Crystalised
  9. Sia – Soon We’ll Be Found
  10. Fleet Foxes – Mykonos
  11. Tim & Jean – Come Around
  12. Peter Bjorn & John – Young Folks

What are some great tunes you’d recommend?

x Priyanka