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Evolvex is one of a growing number of great tools which allow you to shop online in a very personal way. By customizing the construction, color and features of your furniture you get something thats uniquely your and get to enjoy the satisfaction of designing something yourself and bringing your own aesthetic vision to life. Apartment Therapy 

The successful idea behind Evolvex is a strong contender as an alternative to furniture retail giant IKEA. PSFK. Read interview here.

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In our era of customization, it wasn’t long before a company came along that offered fully customizable yet affordable furnishings, and that company is Evolvex furniture. Trendhunter

Evolvex is an online furniture store with a twist. Consumers design their own pieces - say cupboards, tables or chairs - and decide on everything from size to colour. They can also add to, rework and remake pieces years later. Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, WA Today

Evolvex is completely committed to their environmental policy and all of their eco accreditations ensure that no inferior or unfriendly products enter the supply chain at any stage. Their vision is to offer eco friendly products at an affordable price range. And the great thing is,it's all purchased online and delivered straight to your door!  Liftstyle Home Channel

I’m slightly obsessed with this website right now – Sydney based studio Evolvex created a cool online tool allowing you to build your own furniture. With this smart and intuitive online application you can upload images of your rooms and see what the piece will look like in its intended environment. And with the presented choice of components you can build an array of simple and elegant items for any room of your apartment  Shoebox Dwelling

So Evolvex is producing affordable, quality, customisable flatpack furniture in this country. What’s more, it’s eco-friendly. Interiors Addict

Grab your allen key because now YOU are in control. Evolvex lets you custom-design furniture that fits your needs and your space. They then flat pack it, send it, and you build it. No more furniture that almost fits the space – why has no one thought of this before? The Daily Buzz

Evolvex is a new, Australian-made flat pack alternative to the obvious flat pack solutions we all know. But this offering is certified environmentally sound, and is customizable, interchangeable, and delivered straight to your door. Bonus. Lost At E Minor

There are plenty of good reasons to buy Evolvex: it’s family-run, Australian-owned and better for the environment. But despite the altruism, we’ve discovered our interest in Evolvex is embarrassingly superficial – it looks nice and we want. The Agenda Daily

Evolvex furniture is modular and minimal and they probably have something very practical that you need in your house right now. The Thousands 


 The team at Luxmy Furniture have been presenting the Evolvex concept in the business award applications in the past 2 years and the reaction has been amazing. Double Finalists in the Mybusiness Awards for Best Business Leader and Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative; State Finalists in the prestigious Telstra Business Awards in the Innovation category and 4 times Finalists in the Manufacturers Monthly Awards.




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